A foreign object like a coin, staple, rubber band or paperclip is blocking my device. How can these objects be removed?

Try removing the object by turning the roller wheels of your banknote counter in the reverse direction.

Remove the plastic cover by unscrewing the 2 upper screws:
26XX-s without plastic top cover

Use a screwdriver to lift up the hopper (please do not use your fingers and be careful with your fingers close to the hopper!) :

Position the screwdriver firmly under the hopper

Raise the hopper by levering and always being careful with your fingers, check if you see a foreign object such as a coin or paperclip:

Make sure to have a firm grip on the screwdriver

There is the foreign object, in this case a coin

Remove the coin with the help of a plier or set of tweezers:
After you remove the coin, you can remove the screwdriver and put the device back together again.

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