After I have done a currency software update, the display of my banknote counter remains blank.

If your banknote counter has not automatically restarted after the software update, please restart your device manually by switching the device off and on again.

If the display remains blank, it could be that the incorrect software update was loaded to the machine. Ensure you have downloaded and installed the correct update by verifying if the article number / part number of your banknote counter matches with the partnumber of the update on

Try updating your machine again. If the problem persists, please contact Safescan support.

Update instructions can be found here:

When contacting Safescan, please make sure you have the following information at hand:

  • Product name of your device (located on the product label)
  • Article number / part number of your device (located on the product label)
  • Serial number of your device (located at the back or bottom of your device)
  • Installed software version on your device (visible during start-up of your device)
  • A clear error description (what is the error message on the screen, under which circumstances does the error occur, etc)

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