Cleaning Instructions (Safescan 2210/2250)

  1. Switch off the machine and unplug it from the mains electricity supply.

  2. Remove the hopper guide from the machine.
    Using both hands, take each end of the guide and pull it upwards, out of the machine.

    2210/2250 cleaning
  3. Lift up the handle and push it back.
    2210/2250 cleaning
  4. Carefully pull the front panel towards you.
    2210/2250 cleaning
  5. Using a flathead screwdriver to create a lever, jack up the sensor bar by placing the screwdriver under the right hand side of the sensor bar. Clean the 2 sensors with the supplied brush.
    2210/2250 cleaning
  6. Clean the inside of the machine with the brush.
    Do not forget to also clean the sensors displayed below.
    2210/2250 cleaning
  7. Re assemble the machine.

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