Cleaning Instructions (Safescan 2600 series, older models)

These instructions are valid for older models Safescan banknote counters:
2610 partnumber 112-0390
2650 partnumber 112-0454
2660 partnumbers 112-0373, 112-0405, 112-0491
2665 partnumbers 112-0350, 112-0406, 112-0492
2680 partnumber 112-0480
2685 partnumbers 112-0421, 112-0493

  1. Switch off the machine and unplug it from the mains electricity supply.
  2. Place the supplied microfiber cloth (shaped like a banknote) on the hopper.
    2600 cleaning
  3. Pull the hopper up slightly and slide the edge of the cloth into the gap.
    Feed the cloth further in to the machine by rotating the black wheels away from you.
    2600 cleaning
  4. Repeat step 3 several times.
    Turn the cloth over each time before feeding it into the machine.
    2600 cleaning
  5. Clean the banknote stacker with the brush supplied.
    a. Brush the banknote exit underneath the 4 wheels
    b. Brush the collection sensors
    2600 cleaning
  6. Press and hold the clear (clr) button and power on the machine. Wait until the machine displays “C36 DEF -H-“ or “C35
    DEF -H-“. Release the clr button and press the blue start button to reset the machine to its factory default settings.
    2600 cleaning

  1. Remove the 4 screws from the top of the machine using a cross-head screwdriver. Then remove the hopper guides (a), the white plate (b) and the front panel (c) from the machine.
    2600 cleaning
  2. Roll the hopper wheels (a) in the direction away from you, this will push the coin (or other stuck item) up. Apply some pressure to push the rollers upwards and remove the coin by using needle-nose pliers.
    2600 cleaning

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