How can I clean the internal parts and the sensors of my device?

Regular cleaning of your device is necessary to ensure optimal counting and counterfeit detection. Banknotes may contain dust or dirt and this may rub off the note during counting and land in the sensor area.  When sensors are (partly) blocked by dust or dirt it will lead to counting errors or genuine banknotes not being recognized.

We strongly recommend to always place the dust cover (included with the device) over your banknote counter when it is not being used.

To clean the internal parts and sensors of the device, clean the sensors and the rotation wheels carefully with a dry brush (included with the device) or air duster.
Clean the rotation wheels with a dry brush

Use the soft cloth (included with the device) and feed this manually through the device. Use the Safescan cleaning cards and feed these through the device.

Clean the internal parts with Safescan Cleaning Cards

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