My Safescan 26XX-S shows Error message during counting: WIDTH ERROR

This occurs when the banknote counter detects an unexpected width.  This may occur when a banknote is not fed past all of the sensors, i.e. too much to the left or the right. 

Ensure that banknotes are always fed as much in the center of the hopper as possible. Use the banknote guides to keep the stack of notes in the middle of the hopper. 

If you have a stack of mixed denominations, the preferred way of inserting the notes is by having the largest notes on the bottom of the stack, and the smallest on top. During counting, use the banknote guides to keep the stack centered.

Width or Length errors may also occur when counting polymer notes with a transparent window - in case these are not fed through the center of the hopper, the window may cause the sensor to detect the 'end' of the note, resulting in incorrect measurement of the note and consequently a Width or Length error.

It may also be that the receiverboard of your device needs to be updated. Please download the latest update for your device from

Update instruction video can be found here:

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