My Safescan 26xx-S banknote counter shows Self test error message: E10 BANKNOTE FEEDING SENSOR

Verify if there are no banknotes left on the hopper, or that dust or dirt is blocking the feeding sensor on the hopper.

If the problem persists, please file for RMA or contact Safescan support.

When contacting Safescan, please make sure you have the following information at hand:

  • Product name of your device (located on the product label)
  • Articlenumber / partnumber of your device (located on the product label)
  • Serialnumber of your device (located at the back or bottom of your device)
  • Installed software version on your device (visible during start-up of your device)
  • A clear error description (what is the error message on the screen, under which circumstances does the error occur, etc)
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