Safescan 2210 G2 - Adjusting The Hopper

Having trouble inserting your banknotes? Then you might need to adjust your hopper settings. Simply follow the instructions below to adjust your hopper and guarantee a smoother counting session.

1. Start by placing your banknotes on the device, facing-up.

2. Then adjust the hopper guide to enclose the banknotes, so that they do not move or slant.

3. Lastly, flip your banknotes back upright. The device will now automatically start counting them. If it does not start counting automatically, simply press the START-OK button.

4. If the banknotes are still not being transported smoothly, or if the height (E4), width (E5), or skew (E6) error messages keep showing up, you might also need to adjust the thickness distance of the hopper. You easily can do so by adjusting the hopper wheel at the back of your device.

5. If the banknotes are not being counted or transported smoothly, very gently turn the hopper wheel clockwise (to the right). 

6. If the error messages E4, E5, or E6 keep showing up, or when you are having trouble counting polymer banknotes, very gently turn the hopper wheel counterclockwise (to the left). 

Please note that the hopper wheel is already set to the optimal position when you receive the device, so only adjust it when it is absolutely necessary. Since the wheel is very sensitive, we do advise you to only make very small adjustments at a time.

If after following all the steps above, the error message still shows up. Please contact our customer care department.
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