Safescan 2210 G2 - Getting Started

Let's begin! Below you will find all you need to install your device and get the most out of its features. Simply select one of the articles below to get started.

Please note that the articles below are only applicable for the Safescan 2210 G2. If you have a different version some instructions or videos might not be compatible with your device. Click here to find out which version of the Safescan 2210 you have.

Downloading the manual
We highly recommend that you always download, save and read the full manual before using your device. Simply click on the link below to find the manual in your language.
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Feeding your banknotes
Using the Safescan 2210 for the first time? Learn the best way to operate your device and insert your banknotes by following our easy and detailed instructions.
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Adding multiple results
Need to count multiple stacks on banknotes? Simply click on the link below and learn how your device can add different results together.
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Creating banknote batches
Did you know that you can use the Safescan 2210 to easily create banknote batches? Just follow our easy instructions and learn how you can create equal stacks of banknotes.
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Understanding error messages
During your counting session your device might show a notification with an error code. Simply read our dedicated article, so you will know what to do when you see one.
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