Safescan 2250 G2 - Adding Results

Cash-up with ease! Simply follow the steps below and learn how you can add up the results of different runs.

1. Press the ADD button to activate the adding feature. Once the feature is activated, the ADD symbol should be visible on the screen.

If after pressing the button the symbol is not visible in the screen, please press the ADD button again.

2. Then simply start counting your banknotes. Once you have counted the first stack, insert the next one, and continue this process until you have counted all of them. The device will keep track of the all the counted banknotes and add the results of all the stacks (runs) together.

Please note that the Safescan 2250 will only show you the total number of counted banknotes, and will not display their value.

3. Once you have counted all your banknotes, and have added the results to your administration, you can easily deactivate the adding feature by pressing the ADD button again. 
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