Safescan 2250 G2 - Creating Batches

Prepare your cash deposits with ease! Simply follow the instructions below to learn how you can easily create equal batches of banknotes.

If you want to create batches that only contain one denomination, and are equal in value, you must sort your banknotes first.

1. Simply press the BATCH button to activate the batch function.

2. Next, use the arrow keys to change the batch number by one. You can also select a pre-set option by pressing the BATCH button again, and using the arrow keys to choose the desired option. The displayed numbers represent how many banknotes will be present in each individual batch.

3. Once you have selected the desired quantity, insert your stack of banknotes and start the counting process. The device will now automatically pause whenever it has counted the selected number of banknotes. Simply remove the created batch, the device will automatically start counting the second batch.

4. Once you have counted all your banknotes, and have created all your batches, you can easily deactivate the batch feature by pressing the BATCH button again. 
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