Safescan 2265 G2 - Feeding Banknotes

Cash-up quickly! Simply follow the steps the below to learn how you can correctly feed your banknotes into your device, and get the best counting results.

1. Start by sorting your banknotes and organising them from smallest to largest in size. Then make neat and compact stacks of maximum fifty banknotes each.

2. Take the first stack and tap it on a flat surface. Slightly push the banknotes in to align and center them.

3. Next, place the stack on the banknote counter with the largest banknotes facing up.

4. Adjust the hopper guide so the banknotes are enclosed and centered.

5. Then gently push the banknotes back to position them upright, and start counting.

6. If necessary, you can use your hands to carefully guide the banknotes during the count, to make sure they do not slant or move, but do not apply any pressure to them.

Please note that the Safescan 2265 will automatically start counting the banknotes after they have been inserted, which limits the time you have to adjust them. If you are not as familiar with the process yet, we advise you to turn off the automatic counting mode, and give yourself a little bit more wiggle room. To do so, simply press and hold the START-OK button for three seconds. Now all you have to do is insert your banknotes, adjust them, and press the START-OK button to manually start the counting session.

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