Safescan 2265 - Printing Results

Easily and quickly print your counting results. Simply follow the steps below and learn how you can print your counting results using the Safescan TP-230 thermal printer.

1. Connect the Safescan TP-230 to the back of your banknote counter using the RJ-10 to serial port cable.

2. Next, switch on your banknote counter, activate the MIX EUR or MIX GBP mode, and start counting. Once you have counted all your banknotes, simply press the arrow keys to navigate to the counting results. Repeat this until you see the print option.

3. Once you see the print option, all you have to do is press the START-OK button. The word PRINT will start blinking on the screen to indicate that it is printing your results.  

Please note that you can also connect the printer after you have finished your counting session. Just make sure that you print your results before you switch off your banknote counter and lose them. 
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