Safescan 2265 - Update Instructions

The cash market is ever changing and central banks are constantly working on improving the quality and security of their currencies. Whenever they introduce a new banknote or discover a new high-end counterfeit, you can easily update your Safescan 2265 by following the instructions below.

Please note that you can only update the Safescan 2265 for new Euro and British Pound banknotes.

1. Switch on your computer, go to and click on banknote counters.

2. Then click on the Safescan 2265 and select the part number that matches with your device. Not sure which part number you have? Simply look at the product label on the back of your device. If you cannot find the part number on the product label, carefully check the bottom of your device to find the serial number sticker. Then simply match the first seven digits of the serial number to one of the options on the website.

3. Select your part number on the website by clicking on it. The available updates will now be shown. Select the desired update package and download it to your computer. Please make sure to save the download on a location where you can easily find and access it.

4. Once the package has been downloaded, you need to unzip it. This can be done using the default file extraction tools of your Mac or Windows computer, or by using external software such as WinZip or WinRar. Usually unzipping a file is as easy as right-clicking on the file and choosing the option Extract Files or Extract Here.

5. Next, insert your USB flash drive into your computer. Please make sure to delete any existing files from the drive first, as it must be empty.

6. Copy the file called main.dat to the USB flash drive. You can do so with a simple right click, copy and paste action, or by dragging the file into the folder of the USB drive.

7. Once the file has been copied to the USB drive, safely remove it from your computer, and insert it into the USB port at the back of your Safescan 2265. Please make sure that your device is switched off then you insert the drive.

8. Then simply switch on the Safescan 2265. The device will now automatically run and install the update. The device will show the progress of the installation on the screen.

9. Once the update is installed, all you have to do is remove the USB drive and restart your device. The new software version will now be displayed during the start-up process.

Please note that your USB flash drive must have a FAT-32 format in order for the update to work. If your drive has a different format, you can easily adjust this by inserting the USB drive into your computer, and right-clicking on it. Next, click on Format and select FAT-32 under the option File System. Your computer will show you a warning, simply click OK to continue. Your computer will let you know once the formatting is done. If you are using a Mac, all you have to do is insert the USB drive, and select Disk Utility. Then simply click on Erase, and make sure that you select the FAT-32 option. Once your drive is formatted you can move forward with step 6 and finish installing the update.

If you run into issues during the update process, please contact our customer care department.
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