The device shows an E4 height error when counting £10.00 SCT polymer notes from the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) on the 2210/2250. What is the cause of this?

The miscounting / errors (E4, height error) has to do with the position of the transparent window on the RBS notes in combination with the hardware of the 2210 / 2250. If the signal that measures the height of the note is interrupted because of the transparent window, the device will see this as the ‘end’ of the note, compare this to the measured height of the first counted note and if this differs, the banknote will be rejected (E4, ‘height’).

In case of the RBS £10 note it’s very marginal. Sometimes the note passes, sometimes it is rejected. Meaning the window is very close to the position of the sensor that measures the height. Depending on how the note goes through the machine, the part with the window will either go past the sensor or not. Because polymer notes have a much smoother surface than a paper note, they tend to shift more easily when placed in a stack on the hopper, which may cause the error message. 

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