The currency update tool shows the following message: "Cannot find any available devices" or "Can not connect to Serial Port".

This means there is no communication available between computer and device.
The currency update tool (Multi Target Programmer) runs on Windows operating system only.

Ensure your device is connected with the appropriate USB cable to your computer.

155 / 165 / 185 detector: Mini USB to USB-A cable  (see: )
2465-S / 2600 series / 2985-SX:  USB-A to USB-A cable  (see: )

Check if the Prolific PL-2303 chipset driver is installed on your computer. This drives is required to establish communication between computer and device. Your Safescan device should appear as "Serial to USB comm device" under "COM&LPT ports" in Windows Device Manager. 
The Prolific PL-2303 drivers can be downloaded from
Windows XP, 7:
Windows 8, 10:

If the driver is correctly installed and you still get the error message, please try the following (in the below order):

- Restart your computer
- Connect your Safescan device to the computer
- Put your Safescan device in update mode (see the update instructions)
- Start the update tool and perform the software update (see the update instructions).

If the problem still persists, there may be a driver version conflict due to multiple versions installed of the same driver. Remove / de-install all Prolific drivers from your computer, and re-install the drivers that are listed on 

Update instruction video can be viewed here:

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