Cleaning instructions

One of the main reasons for counting errors is that dust and dirt has accumulated over time inside the machine, which blocks the internal sensors and the transport mechanism. Regular cleaning is recommended.

Please follow the cleaning instructions below to ensure optimal performance of your Safescan coin counter.

1. Switch off the machine and unplug it from the mains electricity supply.

2. Remove the three screws from the top cover using a cross-head screwdriver.


3. Remove the cover and disconnect the cable that connects the cover to the machine.


4. Clean all 16 counting sensors located above the coin cups using some cotton buds and alcohol. Above each cup 2 sensors are located - one dark and one light coloured sensor.


5. Clean the passing sensors with cotton buds and alcohol.
a. One transparent and one dark sensor located above the disk
b. One large transparent sensor located underneath the disk


Clean the disc and the black disk guide as these can become very dirty.

6. Remove the disc from the machine.
a. 2 screws at the top of the disc
b. 5 screws from the black half-ring on the disc
c. Remove the locking washer with a flathead screwdriver


7. Clean the disc and the other plastic parts thoroughly, preferably with a foaming cleaning agent and a clean cloth.

8. Re-assemble the machine. Replace the locking washer using pliers as shown below.


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