My Safescan 1450 shows OLOAD on the display. What does this mean?

OLOAD stands for Overload.

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When the message OLOAD appears on the display, it means the main motor has detected too much strain and to avoid breaking the motor or the gears, it will stop and show this message.

Most likely cause is that the entrance to the coin sorting area has been blocked, no coins can pass anymore.   The sorting area may be blocked by dirt, foreign objects, a Non-Euro coin (for example BGN 2 coin (Bulgaria) or TRY 1 coin (Turkey)) or a counterfeit 2 Euro coin.

To unblock the entrance to the coin sorting area, please follow the instructions for How To remove a stuck coin from the Safescan 1450:

Ensure that only EURO coins are inserted into the machine.
Some coins of other currencies look deceptively like a Euro coin, please note!

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