I get an error code when feeding a banknote. What does this mean?

This means that the detector has not been able to identify one or more security features, and that the banknote may be a suspected counterfeit.

E01 Banknote length error
E02/E03 Magnetic ink properties error
E04/E05 Infrared properties error
E06 Banknote thickness error / Double note error
E07 Slant note (note not inserted straight)
E08 Metallic thread / security strip error
E09/E10/E11/E12 Watermark error
E13 Ink spectrum analysis error (165, 185)
E14 Color sensor error
E20 Passing error / Banknote insert error

The Safescan 155-S / 165-S may occasionally detect dirty, rumpled, damaged or accidentally washed genuine banknotes as counterfeits because the device cannot correctly detect all of the anti-counterfeit features of these banknotes.

When a suspected banknote error code appears, please inspect the condition of the banknote. After inspection and eventual cleaning / unfolding the banknote, test the banknote again. Inserting the banknote in a different direction (if allowed for the specific currency) may help.

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