Safescan 155-S G2 - Installing The Safescan RS-100

Easily collect your banknotes! Simply watch our instruction video and follow the steps below to install the Safescan RS-100 banknote stacker onto your counterfeit detector.

1. Start by gently removing the banknote exit guide from the counterfeit detector.

2. Then carefully click the Safescan RS-100 into the lowest slot of the device.

3. Before you insert your banknotes, you must adjust the banknote exit direction on your Safescan 155-S by pressing the arrow button for two seconds. The display will show an arrow pointing up, indicating that the direction has been changed to the back of the device.

If after clicking the button the arrow is pointing down or towards you, please press the button again for another two seconds. 

Please note that the Safescan RS-100 is only compatible with the Safescan 155-S G2. If you have a different version the stacker cannot be attached. Click here to find out which version of the Safescan 155 you have.

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