Safescan 155 - Checking Versions

We are constantly working to improve our products and give you the best possible experience. This means that we sometimes upgrade existing products with new designs, features, firmware or currency software. As products get upgraded and changed, their functions and compatibility might change. It is therefore important that you check which device version you have, so you can get the correct support for it. Simply follow the steps below to find out what version of the Safescan 155 you have.

You can easily find out your product version by checking the part number or serial number on the product label. The product label of the Safescan 155 is always located on the bottom of the device.

1. Make sure that your device is turned off before you lift it up and turn it upside down.

2. The product label will either show the part number (part no), a serial number (serial no), or both.

3. If you see a part number, all you have to do match it to one of the codes in the overview below.

4. If you do not see a part number, but only a serial number, simply take the first seven digits of the serial number to make up the part number. Then just match it to one of the codes in the overview below.

Safescan 155i: 112-0401, 112-0402, 112-0465, 112-0466, 112-0467, 112-0468
Safescan 155-S: 112-0529, 112-0530, 112-0638
Safescan 155-S G2: 112-0668, 112-0691, 112-0692, 112-0693, 112-0694
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