Safescan 155-S G2 - Counting Banknotes

Speed up your cash counting process. Simply watch our instruction video and follow the steps below to tranform your Safescan 155-S G2 into a mini banknote counter.

1. Start by pressing the ON button for two seconds to turn on your device.

2. Next, press the MODE button to activate the ADD function and insert your banknotes. The screen will now show both the total number and value of all inserted banknotes.

3. To simplify your cash counting even more, you can combine the Safescan 155-S G2 with the optional Safescan RS-100 banknote stacker.

Please note that the Safescan RS-100 is only compatible with the Safescan 155-S G2. If you have a different version the stacker cannot be attached. Click here to find out which version of the Safescan 155 you have.

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