My money counting scale is producing wrong results, what could cause this?

Our money scales work with very sensitive technology, which should guarantee that the cash is weighed very precisely. Therefore, you would have to guarantee the following things in order for the device to function properly:
· Please ensure that the device is placed on a level surface.

· Please avoid the device standing in a draft.

· Furthermore, the device should not experience any vibrations or shocks during weighing.

· The coin cup should only be placed on the device after it has fully started up.

· Please pay attention to the value that is displayed on your screen when counting, so that you count on the correct banknotes / coins

For the Safescan 6185 = Please check if the transport lock on the bottom of the device is unlocked.

For the Safescan 6165 = Do not to remove the cup/banknotes immediately after the confirmation beep but wait approx. 2 seconds before removing the cup/banknotes.

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