Latest firmware versions

Overview of latest firmware versions:

6165:      1.20r4 (pre-2022 models)*
                1.21r3 (106 & 406 models)*

6165 G3: 2.14   
6175:       3.02

6185:       2.10r2

If you require a firmware update for your Safescan money counting scale, please contact our Customer Service department. Make sure you have the serialnumber of your device at hand.

* The Safescan 6165 has 3 hardware configurations (relating to main processor). Please note that the performance and features of each of the configurations is 100% the same.

Firmware 1.20r4 is only suitable for 6165 devices from before 2022.  You can check this by the serialnumbers.  Your 6165 should have a serialnumber in one of the following ranges:
US version: 131057217xxxxxxx / 131057218xxxxxx / 131075219xxxxxx / 131057220xxxxxx / 131075221xxxxxx
EU/UK version: 131057317xxxxxxx / 131057318xxxxxx / 131075319xxxxxx / 131057320xxxxxx / 131075321xxxxxx

Firmware 1.21r3 is available in 2 variants: for the "106" hardware revision and for the "406" hardware revision. This number is shown on the display when you power on the device.

6165 hardware revision

IMPORTANT: Installing the wrong firmware for your device will result in the device malfunctioning or not starting up. If you did install the wrong firmware, contact our Customer Service department.

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