Support old time attendance software versions

In the past years, Safescan has developed various versions of time attendance software. Many things have changed, and we are glad to provide our current series of TimeMoto PC Software and Cloud solutions. 

Since we do no longer actively develop our older versions of the time attendance software, we will cease support of these software versions as of 1 August 2018. The following time attendance software versions will no longer be supported from that day forward:

  • Time Attendance 1.0
  • Time & Attendance 3
  • Time & Attendance 4
  • Workforce Planner 5

We advise users of these software packages to upgrade to our current line of TimeMoto PC or Cloud software. Our current products are easy to use, and fully GDPR compliant. We also offer fully free 30-day test periods in. You can find more information in our online shop.

If necessary, we can still provide you with manuals and installation files for these software versions. Use our contact form to reach out to us if you require those data, or if you have further questions.

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